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Community driven initial investment capital. Empowering the best projects of tomorrow.

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About Us

Who are we?

Eaglerise Capital is a community driven blockchain and cryptocurrency capital.

At EagleRise Capital, We have two aims. First is to help the potential projects in raising capital, helping them in marketing and growing their supportors. Secondly, we also enable the real supportors and believers of blockchain to invest in their favourite projects at early stage..

Our Services

Who are we?


We help our partners with marketing and external exposure using our socials and other KOL connections.


Using our community of investors, we help the projects to raise the required capital.


We believe in fundamentals of projects so we support the projects in long run to reach their projected goals.

Our Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

Having Doubts?

Eagle Rise Capital is Community Driven Initial Investment Capital. We invest in early blockchain companies and support them to do their thing.
Community Driven in our terms stands for something that is run by and for the community. As the community word suggests, any person can invest in the projects that are in deal with Eagle Rise Capital.
Blockhain is a decentralized way of storing and accessing data. There is no way to tamper the data stored in blockchain. Every industry will adopt blockchain in future. We believe that blockchain will be the major contributor in Web 3.0.
After doing some research we select and make deals with projects, after that we announce to community and allow people to invest if they want to. But we highly suggest people to Do Your Own Research (DYOR) Before investing in any project.
Large capital firms and some big influencers with connections can easily invest in projects at IDO stage but common peoples with less capital and no connections cannot invest in projects at early stages… EagleRise Capital is formed to solve all these problems and help common peoples.
After finalizing the deal with a project, we announce and give details of the project to our community. After giving enough time to community to checkout the project, we open entries for community contribution in which anyone who likes the project and want to invest in it, he/she can do it. Using this, common peoples can also invest in projects at early stage. In this way every single contributor becomes a part of a Capital Firm but a community driven one.
The Ultimate aim of EagleRise Capital is to allow everyone to invest in every project (associated with EagleRise Capital) regardless of their investment size.

Contact Us

Mail us at: Invest@eaglerisecapital